Street League works to alleviate youth unemployment through sports

Unemployment in the United Kingdom affects 1 out of 7 young people, half of whom are young women. That rate is three times higher than the national average for all ages combined. For these young people, unemployment often goes hand in hand with low self-confidence, lack of physical activity, mental health issues or alcohol abuse. Street League was founded in 2003 to use sports as a way to help 16- to 25-year olds find training or employment.

By combining soccer with more traditional classes to improve employability, as well as meetings with professionals, Street League was reaching a clientele that was 93% masculine. Because girls are just as affected as boys by unemployment, in 2014 the charity decided to develop a special program for them.

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Fondation CHANEL works to improve the economic and social conditions of women and adolescent girls. In 2016, it expanded its commitment to include the promotion of women in the arts and culture.

To achieve its mission, it supports innovative development projects and provides guidance to non-profit organisations and social enterprises in Europe, the Unites States and abroad.

Entrepreneurs for Social Change

Along the shores of the Mediterranean the effects of the economic crisis are still being felt, with high levels of youth unemployment and a stark lack of opportunity. Entrepreneurs for Social Change (E4SC) aims to support the ideas of young social entrepreneurs from the Euro-Mediterranean region.
Through a week of training and nine months of mentoring, 20 young social  entrepreneurs are given the chance to acquire the business, funding, marketing and intercultural understanding needed to help take their businesses to the next level and create positive social impact.

One of the projects to come from Entrepreneurs for Social Change is represented by the puppet you see here. Puppets 4 Kids is a project of YES Theatre, which aims to help improve the cognitive skills and psychosocial well-being of Palestinian children and youth. The YES Theatre and its partners are working to respond to local community needs, engaging with local partners to develop creativity and innovation through artistic performances, drama workshops, capacity building and cultural exchange activities.

The E4SC project was devised by the Fondazione CRT in collaboration with the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Learning in Stadiums – Civic Education at Learning Centers in Soccer Stadiums

The idea of using soccer stadiums as places of learning is based on the British “Study Support Centre” model, which utilises young people’s enthusiasm for the sport to encourage them to take up educational offers.

Since 2010 the Robert Bosch Stiftung has been working in conjunction with the Bundesliga-Stiftung (German federal soccer league foundation) to fund centres of civic education in soccer stadiums in towns and cities such as Dortmund, Bochum, Bremen, Berlin, Bielefeld, Gelsenkirchen, Frankfurt, Dresden, Rostock, Braunschweig, and Nürnberg.

These learning centres are aimed at school students, particularly from Hauptschulen, in grades seven to ten and young soccer fans in general. The idea is to use the atmosphere of the stadium to appeal to the types of young people on whom traditional educational services generally have little impact.

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YEPP – the Youth Empowerment Partnership Programme

YEPP, the Youth Empowerment Partnership Programme, is an international project which aims to support children and young people in areas of particular social complexity in order to include them as active member in their own community and in society in general.

After 10 years the programme came to an end in June 2011. An innovative structure for 2012 and beyond has been unveiled, which will see the creation of a transnational support agency, the YEPP International Resource Centre (YEPP-IRC), and the involvement of local teams and young people in the governance of YEPP.

The title of the video YEPP refers to the Youth Empowerment Partnership Programme which is  supported by several foundations such as the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Compagnia di San Paolo, Evens Foundation, European Cultural Foundation, Fondation Bernheim, Ford Foundation, Foundation for Swedish Culture in Finland, Freudenberg Stiftung and the Irish Youth Foundation under the auspices of the Network of European Foundations (NEF).

This project animation was made at the International Youth Exchange – “Digital Storytelling for Real Rights”, held on 8 to 15 2014 March in Torino, Italy. The Media Workshop was supported by “Youth in Action” Programme, YEPP IRC International Resource Centre, Video Community, Compagnia di San Paolo, Citta’ di Torino, Iter and EMN.


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