Roundtable – Peaceful Responses to the Crisis in Ukraine

The European Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EPLO), the European Foundation Centre and the International Renaissance Foundation are hosting a roundtable on peacebuilding responses to the crisis in Ukraine on Wednesday 28 January in Brussels.

The purpose of the roundtable is:

• To assess the medium and long term impact of the current crisis;
• To assess the different international approaches to the conflict;
• To identify peacebuilding responses to end current violence and to tackle the root causes of the conflict.

This roundtable will bring together participants from academia, international organisations and civil society selected for their expertise and experience in peacebuilding initiatives in Ukraine.

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Entrepreneurs for Social Change

Along the shores of the Mediterranean the effects of the economic crisis are still being felt with high levels of youth unemployment and a lack of opportunities.

Where the local communities are bereft of economic activity and upward mobility is scarce, innovative social entrepreneurs committed to making positive social change are assuming a pivotal role in the creation of a more promising future for all.

Entrepreneurs for Social Change (E4SC) is a project aimed at supporting young social entrepreneurs from the Euro-Mediterranean area whose business activities seek to create employment opportunities and promote non-violent social change. The E4SC project was devised by the Fondazione CRT in collaboration with the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Through a week of training and 9 months of mentoring, 20 young social entrepreneurs from the MENA region are given the chance to acquire the business, funding, marketing and intercultural understanding needed to help take their businesses to the next level and create positive social impact.

here is the link for the Webdoc on La Stampa’s website which gives a brief outline of the 2014 participants social initiatives:

The Belfedar

The Evens Foundation and the University of Peace in Belgium have invented the Belfedar, a cooperative board game for 4 to 8 players over the age of 10. The game encourages constructive communication, cooperation and group solidarity.

The Belfedar website is now available in four languages: Dutch, French, Polish and Spanish. It provides information and inspiration on how to develop social skills for managing conflict and preventing violence through engaging in playful exercises.