Ave Maria

The comedy Ave Maria by director Basil Khalil has received more than ten awards and was shown at the Cannes Film Festival last year. Now the film has been nominated for the most important award in the film industry: Ave Maria hopes to win an Academy Award in the category Short Film (Live Action).

The Robert Bosch Stiftung supported the making of the movie as a pilot project of the Film Prize for the Cooperation between young German and Arab filmmakers. The prize gives them the opportunity to work on a joint project and is awarded to three production teams during the Berlin International Filmfestival.

The Story

The silent routine of 5 Palestinian nuns in the middle of the West Bank wilderness is disrupted when a family of Israeli settlers come knocking at their door for help after crashing into the convent’s wall. The Israelis can’t operate a phone to call for assistance due to the Sabbath laws, and the Nuns have taken a vow of silence. Together they have to come up with an unorthodox plan to help them get home.


The M9 project is the realisation of a cultural centre which might become a reference point for Mestre, a city located in the urban mainland of Venice.

The city of Mestre, characterised in the past by poor urbanisation and poor architecture, is nowadays becoming a city of compatible development and cultural integration. In fact, the M9 can be framed as an urban regeneration project designed, funded and implemented by Fondazione di Venezia to boost the modernisation of Mestre and its metropolitan area.

The M9 will be a museum focused on the “short twentieth century”, a cultural centre with an international, multi-faceted and multi-coloured atmosphere, flexible and eclectic, a “knowledge factory” which will provide a stage for the 100 years that have revolutionised the world. A centre in which architectural quality, innovative services and new collective spaces will crown a cultural institute of new conceptions, capable of offering a rich cultural schedule, both varied and aware of the requirements of diverse publics.

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