European Environmental Funders Group 7th Annual Meeting “Connect and learn together”

The EEFG 7th annual meeting will give funders and diverse stakeholders a chance to connect and exchange intelligence, and will provide a space for strategic reflection on funding opportunities and collaboration.

Through interactive exchanges among the attendees, the event will allow funders to explore trends and approaches used to shape environmental giving. A key aim of the meeting is to gather funders and civil society organisations to reflect on the current and future political developments of environment-related issues at European level.

Please note that this is an event open to funders only.

For further information please contact Giulia Lombardi at

ERSTE Foundation NGO Academy – “The European Civil Society Agenda”

The Social Innovation and Management Programme offered by ERSTE Foundation NGO Academy combines practice-oriented training with a solid base of expert knowledge. The customised, three-week programme provides NGO leaders from CEE with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills required to better manage their organisations and use expert input to work on specific challenges relating to their organisations.

As a follow-up to Module III of the Social Innovation and Management Programme 2014, the Alumni Module “The European Civil Society Agenda” picks up the topic of the Certification Ceremony in June 2014: the European Ecosystem of Social Innovation and Social Entreprise.

In this sense, Module IV offers insights into European Civil Society Perspectives by highlighting challenges and opportunities of the European Union for NGOs in Central and Eastern Europe and giving an international comparison on them. Participants will get in contact with European policy makers and representatives of interest groups to exchange on the current situation of civil society in the CEE region, challenges it is facing on a daily basis and ways the European Union can support NGOs in tackling arising needs.

Furthermore, participants have the opportunity to exchange with alumni fellows and members of the faculty of the Social Innovation and Management Programme 2014 on current activities and developments within their organisations.