Fight for Peace, Brazil

Complexo da Maré, a group of favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, covers 800,000m2, and is home to 132,000 residents. Over half are children, adolescents and young people who face high levels of poverty, social and economic exclusion and a scarcity of public services. The Trafigura Foundation is one of the foundations that supports the NGO Fight for Peace which helps to give these young people more options through the provision of education. Over the course of three years, the ‘New Pathways’ education project sees 140 young people aged 18 to 29-years-old who have been at least two years without studying, engage in a fast-track education scheme. The project is extremely important in Maré as there is a severe lack of educational and employment opportunities for young people. As well as receiving numeracy and literacy classes, students from New Pathways attend weekly personal development sessions, which, combined with individual mentoring from the social support team, offer careers advice and youth leadership skills. In 2014, 71 at-risk youths enrolled into the educational classes. They all reported feeling more optimistic about their future.

Fight for Peace is a programme of the Trafigura Foundation 

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