A Decade of Championing African Agency

In celebration of its first ten years as an independent pan-African foundation, TrustAfrica has published ‘Claiming Agency: Reflecting on TrustAfrica’s First Decade’. The book takes an in-depth look at its work as an African-led foundation that set out to do things differently. ‘Claiming Agency’ asks, does this kind of philanthropy make a difference? If so, how? What are its unique ways of working? The answers are found in five chapters by independent authors that reflect on how TrustAfrica and its partners advanced a range of issues – from women’s rights, smallholder agriculture, and democratic reform in Liberia and Zimbabwe to international criminal justice and illicit financial flows.

For a decade the foundation has pursued a singular mission to strengthen African agency to address some of the continent’s most pressing development challenges. TrustAfrica was founded on the belief that the most enduring solutions to Africa’s problems will come from initiatives led by Africans themselves rather than externally conceived and driven models that do not place Africans at the centre of problem- solving and decision making.

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