Community Schools Model

In 2016, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation awarded a grant to support the expansion of a community school model to all 11 public schools in their hometown of Flint, Michigan. In addition to helping students meet academic goals, the model also aims to strengthen the connection between schools, families and local residents.

The new model brings together a variety of resources for children and families, depending on the needs of each school and its surrounding neighborhood. It provides students with strong, research-based educational and enrichment opportunities, along with nutritional support, physical activity, mindfulness exercises and more. Such activities and services will allow the schools to become the best place for community members to access a wide range of services.

Flint has long been known for its leadership in the community school movement. In 1935, C.S. Mott and Flint educator Frank J. Manley launched a “lighted schoolhouse” model, which made use of school buildings during non-school hours to provide educational and recreational programs for students, families and neighborhood residents.

By supporting this initiative, the Mott Foundation is proud to help its home community create a reimagined, 21st century model of community education that meets the needs of today’s families.

  • Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
  • United States of America

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