Challenging Chances – Escape in Pictures

The subject of refugees is still ongoing. It is no longer an abstract phenomenon; now these very real people made out of flesh and blood are living among us in our neighbourhoods. We can now make our own picture from these people who have sought refuge in our country.

The exhibition pictures show us their story right from the start of their escape up until their arrival in Germany. Enthusiastic and sensitive photographers have accompanied them in their search for a better life.

Following the arrival to safety, a long challenging process begins in the host countries. Here in Germany, as in every other host country, we are confronted with a lot of work for the whole society. The integration of refugees through education and work, and maintaining united local communities are some examples of issues faced.

It is necessary to carry on welcoming and accepting immigrants as we have done before. Keeping this issue high on the agenda is important, as well as continuing the prevention of prejudice against refugees.

The Bertelsmann Stiftung together with the photo agency laif from Cologne have made this project possible.

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