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The Down Cafe was opened in Konya (Turkey), with the aim of enabling young people with mental disabilities to participate in the economic and social life of the town. The Cafe also helps to change the negative perception of people with Down Syndrome and other mental diseases, within the Eregli community.

Students with mental disabilities are able to participate in production through practical trainings at vocational schools and yet they are unable to make the most of their potential outside of schools, in social and economic life.

Project Results

  • Project website ( and Facebook page.
  • Sevgi Down Cafe” where youth with Down syndrome and mental disabilities can work was officially opened.
  • 14 teachers from Kâzim Demirel School participated in a “training of trainer” programme.
  • 37 students attended applied training and 24 of them started working at the café in rotations.
  • 7 students from Eregli Down Café received applied training at Etiler Tourism and Hotel Management School and visited Sisli Down Café with their teachers in Istanbul.
  • 9 young people with mental disabilities started working in 2 different facilities in town after their Down Cafe experience.
  • A “Practices Workshop for Down Cafe in Turkey” was held in Konya Eregli to share the Down Cafe experience.

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