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Laying Foundations for Change

10 September, 2015 - 20 October, 2015

Curated by The Atlantic Philanthropies,

$2.5 Billion. 1,000+ Buildings. 5 Continents. Countless Lives and Communities Improved.

Through the work of world-renowned Magnum photographers and emblematic local essayists, Laying Foundations for Change captures the vision driving The Atlantic Philanthropies’ capital investments in buildings: Philanthropic support for a building is not the purchase of a product. It’s an investment in enterprise, a long-term underwriting of whatever happens inside and out. Working in their local environments, photographers such as Donovan Wiley, Jo Ractliffe and Jim Goldberg have visually explored the capital investments of The Atlantic Philanthropies. Their photographs are testaments to the enormous impact that investments in buildings can have on health, education, culture and the livelihood of millions around the globe.

From nine universities in Ireland, North and South, to almost 1,000 community health centres in Viet Nam, The Atlantic Philanthropies’ capital contributions of more than $2.5 billion stretch far afield. These buildings are perhaps the most visible manifestations of the concept of Giving While Living, the philosophy of Atlantic’s founder Chuck Feeney.

The photographs appear in a recently published book of the same name. Alongside documenting the buildings and their inhabitants, the book contains essays by world leaders such as Mary Robinson, Michael Bloomberg, Kevin Rudd and Bill Gates on the philanthropic approach of The Atlantic Philanthropies. By documenting the scope and scale of one foundation’s investments, it aims to inspire the next generation of philanthropists and funders to harness the power of capital investment and lay foundations for real change. 

© photograph by Jim Goldberg

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