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Food Justice: Sowing Hope

3 June, 2015 - 28 August, 2015

Curated by ''la Caixa'' Foundation,

At present the world produces enough food for the entire planet. Despite this, nearly 900 million human beings live in hunger. The purpose of this exhibition, organised by ”la Caixa” Foundation, with the support and assistance of the FAO and Intermón Oxfam, is to explain the worldwide problems of food distribution and access. Through photographs by Pep Bonet taken in rural communities in Bolivia and Tanzania and videos explaining their situation, small producers from developing countries are given a voice. Such producers are especially vulnerable to poverty and hunger, while at the same time they are essential to feeding the planet in the future. Their stories show how much can be done with very little: organising to demand fairer prices; building warehouses for storing grain; diversifying crops to take advantage of local varieties; or improving irrigation techniques, among other initiatives. This is the first time ever that the “la Caixa” Foundation is holding one of its exhibitions on international development outside of Spain, bringing its work to an international audience at Philanthropy House in Brussels.

“la Caixa” Foundation and global development   The “la Caixa” Foundation is committed to helping eradicate poverty in the low-income countries of Africa, Latin America and Asia. To this end, it supports projects for social and economic development that seek to ensure food sovereignty and improve substantially the life conditions of the most vulnerable populations. Since 1997, it has carried out 552 projects in 63 countries. Since 2009 it has also focused on the fight against child malnutrition and has promoted actions to protect and attend to victims of natural catastrophes and armed conflicts, placing special attention on the humanitarian crises caused by lack of access to food.

Philanthropy House is hosting multiple documentary screenings related to the topic of food justice during the months of July and August:

2 July – The End of the Line, by Rupert Murray, UK, 2009, 85′, English

9 July –  Les Potagistes, by Pascal Haass, Belgium, 2013, 58′, French with English Subtitles

20 August –  God Save the Green, by Michele Mellara and Alessandro Rossi, Italy, 2012, 52’, Italian with English Subtitles

27 August –  Up In Smoke, by Adam Wakeling, United Kingdom, 2012, 70’, English


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