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Cartoon Art for World Peace

9 March, 2015 - 23 April, 2015

Curated by Aydin Doğan Foundation,

​Using black humour and satire – ‘Cartoon Art for World Peace’ is a collection of political cartoons created over the past three decades from numerous countries to powerfully convey the absurdity of war and conflict through the eyes of award winning cartoonists.

The content of this exhibition may seem incongruous with its title – how can drawings depicting violence and war be described as Cartoons for Peace? And yet it is almost inevitable that artists conveying messages about peace invoke the horrors of war and violence. Through the employment of satire, these works convey a deep understanding of the absurdity, wasted human suffering, and toll that conflict takes – be it in our backyards or thousands of miles away – on our societies, our families, our communities and our sense of well-being. The deliberate absence of peace makes perhaps the strongest possible case against the futility of war.

Recent events have put a spotlight on this form of expression, making this exhibition all the more timely and poignant. The power of these visual messages is inescapable, without words we may find commonality in a shared desire for peace that goes beyond borders and ideologies. This exhibition invites you into the minds and emotions of artists from around the world whose drawings were selected as part of an international competition that has been run for 32 years by the Aydin Doğan Foundation from Turkey. As a consequence, these pieces comment on a variety of contexts ranging from the early 1980s to today. Visitors are invited to explore, absorb, react, and take with them a new comprehension of the value – and fragility – of peace.

Exhibitions of this cartoon competition have travelled to destinations as widespread as the People’s Republic of China, Greece, Japan, Moldova, Pakistan, the USA, Romania, and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. While cartoonists will always respond to and comment upon their own particular situations, the exhibition’s journey has provided an opportunity to communicate these concerns and experiences to an international audience.

Each year more than 3,000 cartoons are submitted, and 300 of these are chosen and presented to an international jury. More than 7,800 artists of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds representing more than 137 countries have submitted entries for this competition. Together these artists’ distinct visions of the world, alongside their common desire for peace, become united in a creative global conversation.

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