Street League works to alleviate youth unemployment through sports

Unemployment in the United Kingdom affects 1 out of 7 young people, half of whom are young women. That rate is three times higher than the national average for all ages combined. For these young people, unemployment often goes hand in hand with low self-confidence, lack of physical activity, mental health issues or alcohol abuse. Street League was founded in 2003 to use sports as a way to help 16- to 25-year olds find training or employment.

By combining soccer with more traditional classes to improve employability, as well as meetings with professionals, Street League was reaching a clientele that was 93% masculine. Because girls are just as affected as boys by unemployment, in 2014 the charity decided to develop a special program for them.

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Fondation CHANEL works to improve the economic and social conditions of women and adolescent girls. In 2016, it expanded its commitment to include the promotion of women in the arts and culture.

To achieve its mission, it supports innovative development projects and provides guidance to non-profit organisations and social enterprises in Europe, the Unites States and abroad.

Goalkeepers – the stories behind the data

“We are investing all our resources in that fight. But that doesn’t mean every dollar spent on development has maximum impact. And that must be our goal.”

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has launched a report, and will continue doing so every year until 2030, to accelerate progress in the fight against poverty by helping to diagnose urgent problems, identify promising solutions, measure and interpret key results, and spread best practices.

This report tracks 18 data points included in the SDGs that it believes are fundamental to people’s health and well-being. To complement the data, the foundation is also telling the stories behind the numbers—about the leaders, innovations, and policies that have made the difference in countries where progress has been most significant.

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Public Libraries – a gateway for empowering local communities

Several libraries in Palestine and Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon are becoming beacons for local community empowerment. These libraries are beneficiaries of the Libraries for Change project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

“Samer Khoury” library in Ein El Hilweh camp, a project beneficiary, is now offering IT training for its youth members. The youth were very enthusiastic during the interactive training and expressed their desire for additional training courses.

Such project comes under  the education program of the Welfare Association (Taawon) which believes that well-educated, critical and inquisitive individuals are the cornerstones of flourishing societies. Accordingly, cultivating these characteristics across generations of Palestinians is core to Taawon’s mission. The Education Program consists of various components, each of which invests in enhancing the quality of education at all levels, from preschool to university studies.

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Architectural student competition for sustainable green spaces

WWF Greece with the cooperation and the scientific support of the Urban Environment Lab of the School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens, organised a competition, which was open to undergraduate students enrolled at the Faculties of Architecture and corresponding Departments in Greek Polytechnics and Universities.

Young students of architecture were invited to develop ideas and proposals for the creation or redevelopment of public sustainable green spaces, under low construction and maintenance costs.

On Tuesday, June 13th, Impact Hub Athens hosted the Press Conference for the Architectural competition, as well as the awards ceremony. Out of a total of 27 entries, the first three selected architectural proposals received a cash award, while the remaining seven finalists received honorable mentions. Of particular importance is the fact that the students’ proposals will be forwarded to the municipal authorities in order to provide solutions for immediate implementation, contributing to the improvement of the public urban green spaces in Greek cities.

The original competition was implemented as part of the WWF Greece program “Better Life”, which is made possible through a major grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) and the support of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation. The program features a series of open informational and recreational activities, focusing on mobilizing and raising awareness among school communities, as well as the wider Greek society for the benefit of the environment, economy and social solidarity.

Welcome to Greece

The makeshift refugee camp in the border area of Idomeni, in northern Greece, was once the main crossing point for hundreds of thousands of people seeking international protection in Western Europe. At one time, the camp hosted up to 14,000 refugees and migrants, but it was evacuated by the Greek authorities in May 2016. Vasilis Tsartanis, a local activist, was one of the first volunteers to help those transiting through the area. For the past three years, he has worked to help refugees in Greece, and raise awareness of the dire state of the reception system and the need for a more humane and organised European migration policy.

The Open Society Foundations has supported Tsartanis’s advocacy since 2015. Open Society believes that the European Union should commit to building a single asylum and migration system that establishes safe, legal means of migration. Existing approaches have created the appearance of failure and crisis; sustainable, affordable migration systems would foster popular understanding and support for refugee resettlement.

Never Give Up

Thousands of young people with disabilities want to enter the work force to develop their potential. The ONCE Foundation and its job placement agency, Inserta, are determined that they succeed and have therefore launched the ‘Never Give Up Plan’ to help young people with disabilities find work opportunities.

The best part of the Plan is that the wider public can be a part of it and contribute to the employment of thousands of young people who exude pride and belief that they are capable of overcoming any obstacle. These feelings are amplified when we believe in them too.

Sustainable Farming in North Carolina

Since the 20th century development of industrial agricultural practices, food production has undergone a radical transformation. With machinery, pesticides and biotechnology, food supplies have increased and become more affordable but there have also been ecological and social consequences.

A community of farmers and grass-root organisations in North Carolina are planning, managing and implementing sustainable farming programmes in and around their communities. Oak is supporting the Conservation Fund who is working with these organisations to help promote awareness about sustainable living and help reduce barriers to healthy produce.

The Entrepreneurial Alliance for Child Vaccinations


“la Caixa” foundation’s work in Mozambique focuses on the campaign for vaccinations against pneumonia, one of the main causes of child mortality around the world, in collaboration with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. As part of this initiative, since 2008 the foundation has encouraged the participation of corporate clients of CaixaBank through the Entrepreneurial Alliance for Child Vaccinations (AEVI). Last year, contributions received from companies, employees, private banking and donations from organisations and individuals represented a total of €627,926, to which the foundation has contributed a further €1m. Since the founding of the Alliance for Child Vaccinations in 2008, the foundation has helped vaccinate 2,225,499 children under the age of five.

EUSTORY: Understanding Differences, Overcoming Divisions

EUSTORY is an international network of NGOs organising historical research competitions for students. The network was founded in September 2001 on the initiative of the Hamburg-based Körber Foundation and currently connects civic organisations from 25 countries. The mandate of EUSTORY is to view European history from its grass-roots and to recognise the vast diversity of its experiences. Opposing the abuse of history as an ideological weapon, EUSTORY emphasises the view of history being a lens for intercultural understanding in Europe. Since its founding, more than 190,000 students have participated in EUSTORY history competitions with about 85,000 contributions.

Social Housing

In 2004 Fondazione Cariplo created the Fondazione Housing Sociale (FHS), a foundation dedicated to the development and experimentation of innovative solutions for structuring, financing, constructing and managing social housing initiatives that are economically sustainable and not dependent on grants.

FHS works on the strong philosophy that social housing is not simply about the provision of a place to live but rather about a way of living, in which multiple services are available and a community is built.

Currently there are 27 approved local funds spread throughout Italy and there are approximately 220 projects, 14,800 dwellings and 6,500 beds in temporary or student residences. The fund has in its sights the construction total of about 20,000 apartments.